Wander Pack™


Wandering Washtenaw empowers families, friends, groups, and individuals to go Explore and Wander nature areas. We provide Education through Events, Programs, Workshops, and leading Volunteers in Conservation Projects. Use our Wander Tool to find Parks and Nature Preserves in Washtenaw County that match your needs. We are now offering our Wander Pack™ that gets even more people excited about being in nature! Our first set of Wander Pack's are availble at the Milan Public Library in Milan, Michigan. These first sets of Wander Packs will be used to gain feedback from the community and determine which nature tools, books, guides, and other materials will be used in the branded Wander Packs. We hope to release the final packs next year to more libraries in Washtenaw County, Michigan and other communities around the country!

What is a Wander Pack™?
A Wander Pack™ is an adventure backpack used to enhance experiences in nature. They provide opportunities for education and equip wanderers with the tools they need for in depth exploration! Backpacks filled with nature related items are easy to take out into the field and use.

Wander Pack Program Goals:
To provide libraries and schools with Wander Packs™ to be loaned out just as they do books and educational kits.
Each Wander Pack™ will include nature related gear including, but not limited to:
Binoculars, Bug Kits, Native Bird Guidebooks, Native Plant & Wildflower Guidebooks, Compasses, Wind-up Flashlights, a Wander Guide, and more!

Our Wander Packs™ will eventually be “branded” with our Wander Pack™ and Wandering Association Logo. This will encourage people to visit our website and access our Wander Tool (Park Finder Tool), nature related Education, upcoming Programs and Events, and more! We also have content directly related to your Wander Pack™ and suggested ways of using the nature gear.

Wander Gear

Check out the list below to learn more about some of the gear you will find inside your WanderPack™.

Each Wander Pack™ has nature related gear including, but not limited to:

  • Binoculars
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Native Bird Guidebook
  • Native Wildflower Guidebook
  • Compass
  • Wind-Up Flashlight
  • Wander Guide
    -We are designing a comprehensive field guide highlighting our Parks and Nature Preserves featured on our website and local parks and nature preserves near each checkout location. The Guides will include nature photography, insights, safety tips, trailmaps, and more!



To be successful in our mission, we need your input! Send us a message so we can start a conversation about this project! We'd love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas.

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